50 Shades of Booty Guide

This is the ultimate booty workout guide for all you ladies to get that backside into beautiful shape!

Whats Included in the Guide?

We will be showing you 50 Glute Exercises, which you can mix and match into your workouts when performing LEG DAY at the Gym or at Home. Every single one comes with an illustration on how to perform that particular exercise, and all of them involve either your body weight, dumbbells, barbells, or common gym machines found in most gyms.

Each of the 50 Glute/Leg exercises will be to target one or more of the 3 areas of the Glute muscles required to get that perfect butt.

How do I follow the guide?

You can choose to do as many of these Glute exercises during your leg day, and another batch for the following day you train legs.

The idea is to provide you with a set of 50 choices to choose from, in order to build that ultimate booty!

What difference can it make?

Just take a look!


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